Hockley Pattern and Tool Co Ltd

Hockley Pattern & Tool manufacture tooling for many of the world’s leading Aerospace & Automotive companies.

We pride ourselves in the Design & Manufacture of the most complex shaped Mould Tools from Invar, Steel & Aluminium, from small table top tools up to very large Spar Tooling in excess of 10 Meters in length.

Hockley are experienced in working to tight tolerances & use all their years of experience & bespoke manufacturing methods to ensure these are achieved.

All autoclave mould tools are inspected with Hockley’s Helium Mass Spectrometer to verify they pass the stringent requirements of the autoclave process.

All tools are checked for constant sheet thickness throughout the manufacturing process with Hockley’s Ultrasonic Thickness Meter, this ensures all tools are delivered to our customers at the correct thickness requirement.

Hockley was originally formed to support the large Midland Automotive Industry, so manufacturing Automotive tooling has been a big part of Hockley’s success. We manufacture all different types of this tooling, from prototype panel tooling to produce aluminium & steel panels, to s-rim tooling for the manufacture of interior panels.


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